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Looking For Election Workers
The Fairbanks, Anchorage and Wasilla Elections Offices are looking for individuals to work in the upcoming elections. For more information please contact (907) 451-2835 (Fairbanks) or (907) 275-2307 (Anchorage and Wasilla)

Alaska’s 2016 Elections
August 16 Primary Election Information
November 8 General Election Information

Upcoming Primary Election Dates:
July 1 Division begins sending ballots to active military and overseas voters and voters requesting an advance ballot due to living, working or traveling in remote Alaska or overseas.
July 17 Deadline for voters to register to vote or update their voter registration.
July 22Target date to begin mailing ballots to all voters.

Upcoming Candidate/Party Deadlines:
June 27 Primary Election – Withdrawal deadline for political party candidates.
July 8 General Election – Deadline for judicial retention candidates for Supreme Court, Court of Appeals or judicial districts 2, 3 or 4 to file their Official Election Pamphlet materials with the division for Alaska Native Language translation.
July 15 General Election – Deadline for political party submissions for the Official Election Pamphlet.
July 22 General Election– Deadline for party and no-party candidates to file their Official Election Pamphlet materials with the division.
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