Bilingual Worker

Be a Bilingual Worker

  • Do you like helping people and would like to get paid to serve your community?
  • Bilingual outreach workers and bilingual poll workers are needed to provided language assistance to voters in local Native languages throughout communities in Alaska.
  • Your local election officials can teach you everything you need to know to do the job.
  • Those who have worked at the polls will tell you it’s one of the most rewarding ways you can help your community.


  • Must be a registered voter in Alaska.
  • Must speak the language of the community you will be assisting voters.
  • Must be willing to remain non-partisan on Election Day and NOT express any political opinions while on the job.
  • Cannot have a familial relationship with a candidate on the ballot.

Bilingual Outreach Worker

  • Responsible to provide language assistance to voters completing a voter registration and absentee ballot application in the community.
  • Provide pre-election outreach and language assistance to voters prior to Election Day to explain election information, including absentee voting (if available in your community) and review information in the election pamphlet.
  • Make public service announcements on VHF (if available) to inform voters about election activities. The text of these announcements will be provided to you.
  • Be available approximately six weeks prior to and on Election Day to provide language assistance to voters in your community.
  • You can also serve as the Bilingual Poll Worker and work at the polling place on Election Day providing language assistance.

Bilingual Poll Worker

  • Be willing to work as an election worker for an approximate 16 hour day or more on Election Day.
  • When needed, provide language assistance to voters during each step of the voting process. You may go into the voting booth to assist the voter.
  • When needed, provide translation of any ballot measure text as it appears on the ballot using the translated sample ballot when providing assistance.
  • Track and record the type of assistance provided.

Apply Now

Print and complete your Language Assistance Worker Application.
Send your application to your regional elections office listed below:

  • Fairbanks - Region III

    (Districts 01-06, 09 and part of 37, 39 and 40)
    Fairbanks, Interior, Eastern Mat-Su, Valdez

  • Nome - Region IV

    (Districts 37-40)
    Northern, Western and Southwest Alaska, Aleutian Chain