Voting in a Presidential Election - ARCHIVED

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Primary Election

  • Alaska statutes does not provide candidate access to the primary election ballot for office of president and vice president. Therefore, the State of Alaska does not conduct a presidential primary.
  • The recognized political parties in Alaska (currently the Alaska Democratic Party, Alaska Republican Party and the Alaskan Independence Party) select their presidential and vice presidential candidates in a manner prescribed by their party bylaws; typically by caucus at times scheduled by each individual party.
  • Once the winner of the party’s caucus is determined, the delegates of the each respective party goes to their national party convention, which is a formal gathering of all party delegates, from all the states. At the national party convention, they formally vote and officially announce their party’s nominee for president and vice president.
  • For information on the Date To Be Determined presidential caucuses, please contact the individual recognized political parties.
  • President and vice presidential candidates will appear on the November general election.

General Election

  • Each recognized political party is responsible to provide the Division of Elections with their official certificate of nomination of their respective candidates for president and vice president for the November general election no later than 64 days prior to Election Day.
  • As alternatives, a group who has established status as a limited political party may submit names for president and vice president through the petition process, a person may file as an independent candidate through the petition process or a person may file as a write-in candidate by filing a letter of intent. To learn more about these processes, visit our candidacy page and view the Presidential Candidate Filing Packet information.
  • Alaska law allows for same day voter registration for the purpose of voting for president and vice president of the United States.
  • You may register to vote and vote a ballot in person by completing a questioned ballot at the polls on Election Day or by voting an in person absentee ballot at any in person absentee ballot.
  • You may register to vote and receive a ballot to vote by mail or by electronic transmission by completing an absentee ballot application. Your application must be received by the established deadlines to vote in this manner.