Testing of the Vote Counting System and Election Security Project

Election Program Security Measures

  • The Alaska Division of Elections is dedicated to the security and accuracy of our election process.
  • The Division recognizes that any election system is susceptible to fraud if security measures are not in place.
  • Alaska has extensive procedures, with multiple layers, of security which include a combination of people, processes and technologies to help us conduct secure, trustworthy and accurate elections.

Election Security Project

  • Former Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell and the Division of Elections partnered with the University of Alaska to analyze the State of Alaska's voting technologies, systems and procedures to count and tabulate ballots by optical scanning and touch screen systems.
  • The University was asked to review the current system and determine if there are security problems that could jeopardize the results of elections.
  • The purpose of this study was to assess vulnerabilities that may exist in the system so the Division of Elections could implement strategies to mitigate these vulnerabilities. Click on the subjects below for information about the Election Security Project.