2022 Special Elections - U.S. Representative



April 1 by 5pm - Candidate Filing Deadline

April 4 by 12pm - Candidate Withdrawal Deadline

April 27 - Ballots Mailed to Voters

May 12 - Voter Registration Deadline

May 27 - Early & Absentee In-Person Voting Begins

May 27 - Voters may apply to request a ballot

be delivered electronically

May 27 - Absentee Review Board Begins

June 10 - Requests for electronic ballot delivery

must be received by 5pm

June 11 - Election Day

June 11 - Ballots must either be postmarked by

this day or physically received by DOE

June 11 - First ballot count

June 15 - Second ballot count

June 17 - Third ballot count

June 21 - Deadline to Receive Absentee Ballots

June 21 - Final ballot count

June 23 - State Review Board begins

June 25 - Target certification date

June 26 - Candidate withdrawal deadline for the

Special General Election



Special Election Postcard

By-Mail Special Primary Election

  • The election will conducted by mail.
  • Regular polling places will not be open on Election Day
  • Voters will automatically receive absentee ballots. You do not need to apply.
  • Ballots will be mailed beginning April 27. You will vote for just one candidate.
  • You must return your ballot by June 11. Your ballot must include your signature, an identifier, and a witness signature.
  • If you want to update your mailing address or if you do not want to receive a ballot, please contact the Division
  • Early and absentee in person voting will be available at select locations beginning May 27.
  • Postage is paid or you can hand deliver your ballot now to any of the five regional offices in Juneau, Anchorage, Wasilla, Fairbanks and Nome.
Did you receive a ballot not addressed to you?

If a ballot is delivered to someone who no longer resides at the address to which it was mailed, please write “Not at this address – RETURN TO SENDER” and place it back in the mailbox. If a ballot is delivered to someone who is deceased, please write “Deceased – RETURN TO SENDER” and place it back in the mailbox. The Postal Service will return these ballots to the division, which will void the ballot and update the voter’s information.

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How To Change your Ballot Mailing Address

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How To Vote And Return Your Mail Ballot