REAA Recall Elections

Information Packet and Legal References

  • The members of a regional school board are subject to recall in accordance with AS 29.26.240 through 29.26.360, except that the director of elections shall perform the functions of a municipal clerk, the lieutenant governor shall perform the functions of the assembly or council under those sections in accordance to AS 14.08.081.
  • The last regular election is the last regularly scheduled election held within the regional educational attendance area.
  • The grounds for recall are misconduct in office, incompetence, or failure to perform prescribed duties.
  • View or print the view and/or print an outline that summarizes the statutes and regulations. This packet includes frequently asked questions, common errors, sample pages for application signature gathering and the number of signatures required.
  • The recall petition procedures appear in Alaska Statutes 14.08.081, Alaska Statutes 29.26.240 through 29.26.360 and Title 6 Alaska Administrative Code 25.240.
  • The information contained on this page should not be considered a substitute for reading the statutes and regulations in their entirety.

Recall Petition Timeline

  • The application cannot be submitted during the first 120 days of the term of office.
  • The application is filed with the director of elections and must include the name and office of the person to be recalled; a statement in 200 words or less the grounds for recall stated with particularity; the name and address of the contact person and an alternate contact person to whom all correspondence relating to the petition may be sent; the signatures and residence addresses of a least 10 voters within the REAA jurisdiction who will sponsor the petition.
  • The director will either certify the recall or notify the recall committee of the grounds for refusal.
  • If certified, the director shall prepare petition booklets to allow full circulation throughout the REAA of the official sought to be recalled.
  • Upon the director issuing the recall booklets, signatures of qualified voters in the REAA district of the official sought to be recalled are to be collected equal in number to 25 percent of those who voted in the preceding REAA election for that office at the last regular election held before the date the written notice is given to the contact person that the petition was available.
  • The division of elections verifies the signers submitted in the petition booklets, and upon completion of the review, the director notifies the recall committee if the petition was properly or improperly filed within 10 days of the filing.