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    Under AS 15.45.090(6), the Division of Elections (DOE) requests that you provide the “personal information,” as defined in AS 40.25.350(2), identified in the initiative petition booklet. The DOE will use the information to determine your voter registration status. In making this determination, the DOE may share the information with the Office of the Lt. Governor. You must provide the information; by not providing all of the information, it will result in your signature not being counted towards the required number of signatures needed for the petition to be placed on the ballot. The information may be subject to inspection and copying under AS 40.25.110 – AS 40.25.120.

    To challenge, under AS 40.25.310, the accuracy or completeness of your personal information, send the following to the Division of Elections at or PO Box 110017, Juneau Alaska 99801-0017: (1) the records that contain the challenged personal information or a sufficient description of those records so that the agency can identify them; (2) a description of the challenged personal information; (3) the changes you believe will make the information accurate and/or complete; and (4) your name and the email or physical mailing address where DOE can contact you. The DOE is located at 240 Main Street, 4th Floor, Juneau Alaska.

  • Ballot Measures
    Find information about Past Ballot Amendments, Advisory Votes, Propositions, Questions and Bonding Propositions that Appeared on a Ballot.
  • Signature Withdrawal Form
    Form to use to request to have your name removed from a referendum petition