Recall Petition Status

Once a recall petition application is filed with the Director of Elections, the application is processed. If the application is certified, the recall committee members will be provided booklets to circulate for signatures from qualified registered voters. The Division of Elections maintains two tracking processes for recall petitions.

Active Recall Petitions

Petition Status: Petition Booklets Circulating
Petition Application Title: Recall Michael J Dunleavy as Governor of Alaska
Primary Sponsors: Joseph E. Usibelli Sr., Arliss Sturgulewski and Victor Fischer
Contact Sponsor: Joseph E. Usibelli Sr., 100 Cushman St #210, Fairbanks AK 99701
Petition Application Filed: September 5, 2019
Petition Application: Statement of Grounds
Application Denied – November 4, 2019
Application Denied Letter
Application Signature Review
Attorney General Opinion: AGO No 2019200686
Petition Anticipated Application Review Date November 4, 2019
Petition Booklets Issued: February 21, 2020
Petition Booklet Information: Question
Statement of Costs
Grounds for Recall

Past Recall Petitions