Merger and Consolidation Elections

Election Dates, Locations and Times

  • Election dates, voting locations and times will be announced for each merger and consolidation election as they are scheduled.

  • Visit the Special Local Elections status page for current and past special local elections.

About Merger and Consolidation Elections

  • Two or more municipalities may merge or consolidate to form a single general law or home rule municipality, except a third class borough may not be formed through merger or consolidation.

  • Methods used to initiate merger or consolidation of municipalities:

    by submitting a legislative review petition to the Local Boundary Commission under regulations adopted by the commission as specified in Title 3 Alaska Administrative Code 110.255; or

    through the local option method specified in Alaska Statute 29.06.100 – 29.06.160 requiring residents of two or more municipalities to file a merger or consolidation petition with the Local Boundary Commission.

  • When a consolidation or merger petition is approved through the legislative review process, the Director of Elections shall set a date for the election of officials of the new municipality within 10 days of legislative approval set out in 3 AAC 110.255.

  • When a consolidation or merger petition is approved by the Local Boundary Commission through the local option method outlined in , the Director of Elections shall order an election Alaska Statute 29.06.100 – 29.06.160, in the area to be included in the new municipality to determine whether the voters desire merger or consolidation. The election order shall be issued within 30 days after receiving notification from the Local Boundary Commission of its acceptance of a merger or consolidation petition. The election is held not less than 30 days and not more than 90 days after the election order.

  • For more information on incorporation elections, please visit the Local Boundary Commission's website.