General Central Yup'ik Audio Glossary

General Central Yup'ik English Word
Cataitarkaulriit cucuklircuutiit

Definition: The ballot you vote when you are not at the polling place.
Absentee Ballot
Cataitarkaulriim imirarkaa cucuklircuuteryugluni

Definition: Form you fill out to request an absentee ballot to be sent to you.
Absentee Ballot Application
Cataitarkaulriim cucuklircuutekaan caqua

Definition: Envelope used to place a voted absentee ballot for return to the Division of Elections.
Absentee ballot envelope
Cataitarkaulriim cucukliumaurallerkaa

Definition: Voting ahead of time not at a polling place.
Absentee Voting
Cataitarkaukuni cucukliumaurallerkaq ayagcelluku-llu fax-aakun
Cucukliumaurallerkaq ayagcelluku fax-aakun
Definition: Sending voted absentee ballot by Fax machine.
Absentee Voting by Fax
Cataitarkaukuni cucukliumauralleq internet-akun

Definition: A vote cast through the internet by someone who is unable to or unwilling to attend the official polling station or to which the voter is normally allocated.
Absentee voting by Internet
Cataitarkaukuni cucukliumauralleq ayagcelluku-llu kalikivigkun

Definition: Sending voted absentee ballot by mail.
Absentee Voting by Mail
Cataitarkaulriit cucuklirillratnek calilria

Absentee Voting official
Cataitarkaulriit tungaunateng cucukliumaurallerkaat

Definition: Voting ahead of time in person.
Absentee Voting in Person
Ikayurnarqellriit cucuklillerkaata piyugngarivkallerkaat

Definition: Making voting possible for disabled voters.
Alerquuciurtet alerquutngurtellrat

Definition: A statute or law passed by a legislature.
Ilaqaun (ilaqautek/t)

Definition: Something added; an addition.
Alaska-rmiu Cucukliryugngalria

Definition: A person who lives in Alaska and whose permanent home is in Alaska.
Alaska Resident
Allatgun cucukliryugngalleq

Definition: Other ways of voting.
Alternative voting methods
Alerquun kituggluku

Definition: To alter, change, or fix a law.
Alerquutmek kitukaniun (kitukaniutek/t)

Definition: The alterations or fixes of a law.
Alerquutem kitukaniutii

Definition: To make a change to existing law.
Amend Current Law
Qanercetaarviim tunglia quyinrulria yuvrinqiggvik; Court of Appeals(-aaq)

Definition: Any higher court where a person appeals a decision by a lower court.
Appellate Court/ Court of Appeals

Definition: Help or aid
erinairaq cucuklircuun

Definition: An audio recording of a Ballot.
Audio Ballot

Definition: A device/paper used to make a voting selection.
Cucuklircuutet imiumalriit yaassiigat/qemaggviat/ assigtaat

Definition: Place where you put your voted ballot.
Ballot Box
cucuklircuutem caqua

Definition: A flat paper container for a Ballot.
Ballot Envelope
Apyun alerquutngurcugngalria yuut cucukekatgu

Definition: A question appearing on the ballot about a new law.
Ballot Measure
Cucuklircuutmek imiumalriamek naaqissuun

Definition: A machine that reads a ballot to see if it was filled out properly.
Ballot Scanner
Paivtaq alerquuciurtenun alerquutngurcesqumayaaqluku

Definition: A form or draft of a proposed statute presented to a legislature, but not yet enacted or passed and made law.
yuurtellrem ernera

Definition: The day on which someone was born
State-am navrallri akinek yugnek pikangqellrianek akquterluni cimirarkauluki ilaqaucirluki

Definition: A machine that reads a ballot to see if it was filled out properly. Any interest-bearing or discounted government or corporate security that obligates the issuer to pay the bondholder a specified sum of money, usually at specific intervals, and to repay the principal amount of the loan at maturity
State-aq Bond-aliyugluni cucuklircuutmi apyun

Definition: A question posed on an election ballot to determine if voters will authorize the issuance of bonds. Propositions can be required for revenue bonds and are always required for general obligation bonds.
Bond Proposition

Definition: The competition by rival political candidates for a public office.
taq’i-, arulair-, pinricenar-, pinritngurte-*

Definition: To make void or revoke.

Definition: Person you can vote for.
cucukecetaalriim qanellra

Definition: Statement submited to the State of Alaska as to why they’re running for Office.
Candidate Statement

Definition: Definition not given
Candidates for Elected Office

Definition: The official choice that one makes in an election.
Cast a Ballot/ Ballot Cast/ Vote
Cucuklircuutiin yuvrirnarqellra cucuklillrem cucukliryugngacia asguranaqngan

Definition: A ballot with questions about a given voter’s eligibility.
Challenged or Provisional Ballot
Cimirluku political party-mun ilagausngalleq

Change in Party/ Political Affiliation
Uitaviim cimillra (Address-am cimillraa)

Change of Address
Atrem cimillra

Change of Name
cucu- (cucuklir-)*

Definition: To make a choice or select from two or more possibilities (to vote)
U.S.-aarmiu, wall’u U.S.-aarmiungurtelleq. (U.S.-aarmiutun piyunarqucirluni, cucukliryugngaluni-llu).

Definition: A native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection.
umeg- , umguma-, palute-, palusnga-

Definition: Cause something not to be open.
Nunarpamta alerquuciurtai Alerquuciurtet Nunarpamteni Congress-aaq

Definition: The national legislative body of the U.S.
State-amta Nunarpamta-llu alerquutegkenka tusnganrit

Definition: The system of fundamental principles according to which a nation, state, or the like is governed.
Nunarpamta State-amta-llu alerquutain iliita kitukaniutii

Definition: Making a change to the constitution.
Constitution Amendment
Delegate-aat quyurtellrat alerquutnek kitukaniringnaqluteng

Definition: A meeting of delegates to adopt a new constitution or to revise an existing constitution.
Constitutional Convention
Naaqilleq / naaqumalleq cucuklircuun

Definition: To count a voted ballot.
Count/Counted Ballot
Taqlerkiuraq, cuq’liun, umllerkiuraq, engelkiuraq

Definition: The time by which something must be finished or submitted.
Cataitarkaulriit cucuklircuuteryullerkaata taqlerkiuraa/cuq’liutii/um- llerkiuraa/engelkiuraa

Deadline for Applying for Absentee Ballot
Cucukliriyaurcugluni imirillerkam taqlerkiuraa/cuq’liutii/umllerki- uraa/engelkiuraa

Deadline for Registering to Vote
Cucukecetaaryulriim imirarkaa Division of Elections-aani

Definition: A form that a candidate files with the Division of Elections so that they can run for office.
Declaration of Candidacy
Ikayurnarqellriit ellmeggnek-llu pisciigalnguut

Definition: Physically or mentally impaired person.
Disabled / Disability

District (Election District)
Qanercetaarvik; District Court-aq

Definition: A trial court of limited jurisdiction established by judicial district.
District Court
Qanercetaarvigmi cuqcista; District Court-ami cuqcista

Definition: Person who rules on cases brought to a district court.
District Court Judge
Division of Elections-aat; Cucukliryaraliurtet

Definition: Agency responsible for conducting the election.
Division of Elections

Definition: Voting before Election Day.
Early Voting

Definition: To choose or select by vote.

Definition: Event where you vote for people.
Cucuklirvigni calilriit

Definition: People responsible for the election in the polling place.
Election Board/Officials
Allrakumi erenerkiurat cucuklillerkanun

Definition: A calendar that lists elections in a year.
Election Calendar
Cucuklirnarillrem ernera; Cucukliryaraq erneq

Definition: The day that elections are held.
Election Day
Cucuklillerkam nallunairutai

Definition: Information about an election.
Election Information
Cucuklirviliurtet;Cucuklirvigmi calista (/tet)

Definition: People who work in the polls during Elections
Election Official
Cucukecetaallret unangutaita naaqutait

Definition: Number of votes a candidate(s) gets.
Election Results
Cucukesqumakminek eguaquriyaraq

Definition: Telling people to vote for a certain candidate.
Cucukliriyaram ayagyaraa ayagnillranek iquklitellranun

Definition: The Election process from beginning to end.
Electoral Process
(pb) –yugnga-**

Definition: Qualified

Definition: A flat paper container for letters or packet of paper.

Definition: A document with spaces in which to write or enter data or information.
Cucuklirpagyaraq November-aami

Definition: General Election
General Election
Atanirturilriit aciatgun Bond-at

Definition: A municipal bond issued by a state, local government, or other political subdivision of a state backed by the full faith and credit of the issuing entity. This includes the taxing and further borrowing power of the entity.
General Obligation Bonds
Alaska-m Atanra

Definition: Person who is the head of the state.

Definition: A person who is hard of hearing.
Hearing impaired
Yuum kituucian asguranairutii; ID-q

Definition: Proof of who a person is.
Cucukumallrem aug’aumallra calicurlallra pitekluku

Definition: To remove from office for misconduct.
aũg’arcetaaryaraa Cucukumallrem calicurlallra pitekluku

Definition: To accuse (a public official) before an appropriate tribunal of misconduct in office
Impeachment Process
Cucuklitulim kalikartaan arulaircecimaqallra atuqsailan qavcini allrakuni

Definition:When a voter’s registration is no longer active.
Inactive Voter Registration

Definition: Knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact.
Cucuklitulit paivciyugngallrat cucukliryugngallrat-llu alerquutngurcesqumalriamek

Definition: A process by which voters may introduce and vote on a proposed law.
Cucukliryugngalriit alerquutekamek ayagniriyaraat cucuklircuutmun elliarkamek

Definition: A process registered voters/private citizens use to place a ballot measure on the ballot.
Initiative Petition

Definition: A public officer authorized to hear and decide cases in a court of law.
Cuqcistenek yuvririlriit qelkesqumayaaqluku wall’u AuMgaasqumayaaqluku

Judicial Council Recommendation
Qanercetaarviim District-aara

Definition: Geographical Region covered by the court’s jurisdiction.
Judicial District
Cuqcistet pulengtellerkaat
Cucuklitulit cucuklillrat cuqcistem pulengcetlerkaanek wall’ pulengcetenritlerkaanek
Definition:Confirmation by the voters for judges.
Voters choose between electing a current judge to a further term in office or against it. See ‘Judicial Retention Election’
Judicial Retention
Cucukliryaraq cuqcistenek pulenglluteng calillerkaitnek wall’u auMgaumallerkaitnek

Definition: In judicial retention vote, voters are asked to choose between electing the incumbent judge to a further term in office (i.e. voting in favor of "retention") or voting against.
Judicial Retention Election
Yugtun mumigcistemek ikayungcalleq

Definition: Getting help from a person who speaks Yugtun.
Language Assistance

Definition: The rules adopted by a government.
Alerquutngurrnaluku alerquuciurtenun paivcimalria

Definition: A proposed law appearing before the Legislature for consideration.

Definition: A group of elected State Representatives and State Senators who are empowered to make, change or repeal the laws of the country or state.
Alerquuciurtet caliviat

Definition: Place where elected law makers work.
Legislative Office/Agency
Alerquuciulriit caliarat nanilicarluku taringcautiit /taringnarcautiit

Legislative Affairs Agency Summary
Alaska-m Atanran Tunglia / Lieutenant Governor-aaq

Definition: Elected official who is serving as deputy to the Governor of a state.
Lieutenant Governor
Cucukliryugngalriit atrita igausngalriit allamiaqan yuvriumallrat

Definition: Yearly review of voter registration records.
List Maintenance
Cucukliryugngalriit igausngaviatni atret
Cucukliryugngalriit Atrita Igausngaviat
Definition: A list of people who can vote in elections
List of Registered Voters
Igat; Mail-at

Definition: Letters that are sent or delivered by means of the postal system.
Kalikivigmi address-aan

Definition: Place where you get your mail
Mailing Address
Ingluarvikivkenani nanilnguq taringnarcautii alerquutngurcugngalriim

Definition: An explanation of what a ballot measure means.
Neutral Summary
nakmikiyaraq cucukecetaaresqelluku

Definition: To propose (someone) for appointment or election to an office.
Political Party-nun ingluanrilnguq

Definition: Not supporting one political party or group over another.
Cucuklillerkam nallunairutii

Definition: An announcement that an election will occur.
Notice of Election
Cucukliryugngalrianun nallunairun

Definition: An announcement to people who can vote
Notice to Voters

Definition: The forms of words in which a promise is made.

Definition: Place of work to conduct business.
Office (Definition 1)
"(pb) *-aaruyaaraq ‘being a Noun’, -aaq ‘the Noun’ President-aaruyaaraq* post base is given here (pb), the title of the

Definition: A position of duty, trust, or authority in the government.
Office (Definition 2)
Kalikaq Cucukecetaalriit alerquutngurcugngalriit-llu nallunairutaitnek imalek

Definition: Pamphlet sent to voters with information about candidates and ballot measures.
Official Election Pamphlet

Definition: To render the interior (of a house/establishment) readily accessible.
Massiinaq imiumalrianek cucuklircuutnek naaqissuun

Definition: A machine used to read marked paper ballots and tally the results.
Optical Scan
Qitevngaluaqanrilnguut paivcilluki ikayurtekaitnek

Definition: Providing oral language assistance to voters who have limited English proficiency.
Oral Language Assistance
Nallunritnarqellrianek paivcista

Definition: A worker’s activity or process of bringing information or services [in the Native Language] to people.
Outreach Worker
Kalikaq Cucuklircuun

Definition: Ballot printed on paper.
Paper Ballot
Pisciigalnguut wall’ ikayurnarqellriit cucukliryulriit kev’gaat

Definition: Person the voter asks to bring them a ballot if they cannot make it to the polls.
Personal Representative
Kaigan ca piurcesqumaluku wall’u piurcesqumavkenaku

Definition: A formally drawn request that is addressed to persons in authority or power.
Political Party-mun ilagausngalleq

Definition: Being a part of a group of people having a common political purpose or interest.
Political Party Affiliation
cucuklirvigmi calista/calilria

Definition: A person who works at a place of voting.
Poll Worker

Definition: Place where you go to vote.
Polling Place/Poll
Cucuklirviit ikingqallerkiurait

Definition: The set hours that a voting place will be open.
Polling Place Hours/Poll Hours
Definition: A small gummed label issued by postal authorities as evidence that postal charges have been paid.
Postage Stamp
Kalikiviim erniutii unakellermini igaq; Post Mark-aq; Kalikiviim erniutii unakellermini ayagcetarkaq envelope-aq

Definition: The stamping of the date on an envelope when it is received by the USPS Office.
Kalikiviim erniutellra unakellermini igaq; Post Mark-aq; Kalikiviim erniutellra unakellermini ayagcetarkaq envelope-aq

Definition: The date stamped on an envelope when it is received by the US Post Office.
Cucukliryugngalriit atrita igausngaviat

Definition: List of voter names used at the polling place on election day
Precinct Register
August-aami Cucukliqarraarun

Definition: Election to decide which candidates get to appear on the General election ballot.
Primary Election
Paivtaq ciuniuresqumaluku/Proposal-aaq****

Definition: The act of offering or suggesting something for acceptance or adoption.
Paivtaq ciuniuresqessaaqluku/Proposition-aaq****

Definition:The act of offering or suggesting something to be considered, accepted or adopted.
Alerquutngurrnaluku paivcimalria tauMgaam piurteksaunani.
Paivtaq alerquutngucesqumayaaqluku
Definition: A new law that has been introduced, but not yet adopted.
Voting on a ballot measure decides whether or not something should become a law. See ‘Initiative’, ‘Initia-tive Petition’, ‘Petition’, ‘Referendum’
Proposed Law
Cucukliryugngalriit atrita igausngaviatni uitanrilnguut cucuklircuutiit

Definition:Ballot issued to voters whose name is not on the precinct register.
A voted ballot that needs to be reviewed to see if it can be counted. See ‘Questioned Voting’, ‘Vote a Questioned Ballot’
Questioned Ballot
Cucukliryugngalriit atrita igausngaviatni uitanrilnguut cucuklircuutiita caqua

Definition: Envelope where the voter places his or her voted questioned ballot.
Questioned Ballot Envelope
Yuum cucuklircuutiin yuvriumallra ilii naaqumayugngatassiarluku

Definition:A voter voting a questioned ballot to determine if any part of his/her ballot can be counted.
Questioned Voting
Cucuklitulit ciuniuryugngallrat wall’ qessaksugngallrat alerquuciuraatnek alerquuciurtet; Referendum-aaq

Definition:The process where voters can approve or reject a law that was proposed or passed by the Legislature.
Division of Elections-aat office-aarita iliit

Definition: One of the Division of Election offices in charge of a specific region.
Regional Elections Office

Definition: Person who can vote in elections
Registered Voter
Cucukliriyaurcugluni imiriyaraq

Definition: To fill out paperwork/forms for the specific purpose of being allowed to vote in elections.
Register to Vote
Cucukliryaurrnaluteng imirilrianek piyunarquciumalria calista

Definition: A person who is authorized to witness the application.
Cucukliryaurculriim imirillerkaan taqlerkiuraa/cuq’liutii/umllerkiuraa/engelkiuraa

Definition: The date before an election that a person must be registered by in order to be able to vote.
Registration Deadline
Uitavik (enen wall’ nunan)

Definition: Place where someone lives.
Uitavigpet/nev’et address-aara
Definition: The address of the place where you live.
Residence Address
Kitugutkangengnaqellrat; Resolution-aaq

Definition: a formal expression of opinion or intention made by a formal organization, a legislature, or other groups.
Utercecissuun kalikivigkun envelope-aq

Definition: The envelope used to mail a voted ballot to the Division of Elections.
Return Mailing Envelope
Cucuklircuutem ayuqii

Definition:Example of what appears on the ballot.
Sample Ballot
Elitnaurviit ciuliqagtait/ School Board-at

Definition: People who represent the school district.
School Board
Tangrrumaarkaunrilnguum caqua

Definition: A cover used for voted ballots to keep people from seeing how the voter marked the ballot.
Secrecy Sleeve
imiran sign-arluku

Sign the Form/Sign the Application
Aterpet sign-allra/nallunailkutii; At’vet sign-allra / nallunailkutii; Sign-allren

Definition: A person's name written in his/her handwriting
Pisciigalnguut ikayurnarqellriit-llu cucuklircuutiit

Definition: The ballot used by a voter who cannot vote at the polling place due to age, illness or a disability.
Special Needs Ballot
Pisciigalnguut ikayurnarqellriit-llu cucukliryaraat

Definition: Type of voting for disabled people.
Special Needs Voting
Cucuklircuun imicurlaumalria cimirnaqluni

Definition: A ballot that is mismarked and has to be reissued.
Spoiled Ballot
State-am alerquutain tusnganrit; State Constitution-aaq

Definition: A State’s system of fundamental principles according to which it is governed.
State Constitution
Ingluliurtain alerquutngurcugngalriim igallrat inglukesqelluku.

Definition: Words that describe why a person should reject something.
Statement in Opposition
Cingumastain alerquutngurcugngalriim igallrat cingumasqelluku.

Definition: Words that describe why a person should approve something
Statement in Support
Alerquutekam akitutallerkaa piciureskan

Definition: A statement of how much a law will cost the State if an initiative becomes a law.
Statement of Costs
(Alaska-mi) State Representative-aaq

Definition: Person who serves the voters in a house district.
State Representative
(Alaska-mi) State Senator-aaq

Definition: Person who serves the voter in a senate district.
State Senator
Qanercetaarviim Quyinra; Superior Court-aq

Definition: A trial court of general jurisdiction.
Superior Court
Qanercetaarviim quyinrani Cuqcista; Superior Court-ami Cuqcista

Definition: Person who rules on cases brought to court.
Superior Court Judge
Qanercetaarviit Quyinrat; Supreme Court-aq

Definition: A group of judges that reviews the rulings of other courts.
Supreme Court
Qanercetaarviit Quyinratni Cuqcista; Supreme Court-ami Cuqcistet iliit; Supreme Court-ami Cuqcista

Definition: One of a group of judges that reviews the rulings of other courts.
Supreme Court Judge
Akiliryarailnguq qanercuutem nampaa

Definition: A phone number that can be called free of charge.
Toll Free (number)
Tiiviirngalnguq Cucuklircuun

Definition: Ballot on a voting machine.
Touch Screen Ballot
naliatnun political party-t ilagausngallni qanruteksuumiinaku

Definition: A publically unannounced political affiliation.
United States-aarmiu wall’u United States-aarmiungurtelleq

Definition: A person born or naturalized in the U.S.
United States Citizen
Nunarpamta United States-aam Atanra; President-aaq

Definition: Person who is the head of the country.
United States President
Alaska-mek kingunelek alerquuciurta United States Congress-aami

Definition: Person who represents Alaska in the United States Congress. .
United States Representative
Alaska-mek kingunelek alerquuciurta United States Senate-aami

Definition: Person who represents Alaska in the United States Senate.
United States Senator
"Nunarpamta U.S.-aam alerquutain tusnganrit;

Definition: The U.S.’s system of fundamental principles according to which it is governed.
U.S. Constitution
United States-aam Atanran Tunglia; Vice President-aaq

Definition: Person who serves under the President.
Cataitarkaulriit cucukliumaurallrat ayagcelluku-llu kalikivigkun

Vote Absentee by Mail
Cataitarkaulriit tungaunateng cucukliumaurallerkaat

Vote Absentee in Person
Cucuklia, cucuklilleq, cucukliryaraq

Definition: To express or signify will or choice by casting a ballot.
Cucuklilleq yuvrirnarqellriakun cucuklircuutekun

Definition: See ‘Questioned Ballot’, 'Questioned Voting'
Vote a Questioned Ballot

Definition: A person who votes
Cucuklitulit ikayuit

Definition: Help voters receive/get.
Voter Assistance
cucukliryugngalriim kalikartaa; cucukliryugngalriim ID-ra

Definition: A card issued to a person who is eligible to vote in elections.
Voter Identification Card
Nallunritarkat cucuklitulinek

Definition: Information regarding a voter’s or voters’ record(s).
Voter Information
Cucuklitulim nampaa; Cucuklitulim number-aara

Definition: A number assigned to a person who votes.
Voter Number
Cucuklitulim cucukliryugngallra

Definition: A circumstance or condition required by law for a person to exercise the right to vote.
Voter Qualifications
Cucuklitulimek nallunritarkat igausngalriit

Definition: Information about a person who registered to vote.
Voter Record
Cucukliryaurcugluni imirilleq

Definition: Signing up to be a voter.
Voter Registration
Cucukliryaurculriim imirarkaa

Definition: Form or piece of paper you fill out to register as a voter.
Voter Registration Application
Cucukliryaurculriim imirillerkaan umllerkiuraa

Definition: The date before and election that a person must be registered by in order to be able to vote.
Voter Registration Deadline

Definition: The act of expressing or signifying will or choice by casting a ballot.
Cucuklilrianek ikayuqengyaraq

Definition: Helping voters to vote.
Voting Assistance
Imirivik cucuklircuutmek

Definition: Private place where you fill out the ballot.
Voting Booth
Cucuklircuun massiinaq

Definition: A machine with which a voter votes.
Voting Machine
Cucuklirvigmi calista

Definition: A person who gives voters a ballot.
Voting Official

Definition: To see or know by personal perception and presence.
Definition: To be present at (an occurrence) as a formal witness.
Igaucimallrunrilengraan cucuksugngakvut

Definition: Person whose name is not printed on the ballot but voter’s can add the name to vote for him/her
Write-in Candidate