Election Calendar

Date Event Notes Reference
1/1/2021 New Year's Day - Offices Closed AS 44.12.010
1/1/2021 Absentee ballot applications may be filed beginning today for all elections in the calendar year. (21REAA) AS 15.20.081(b) AS 15.20.081(i) 42 U.S.C.
1/1/2021 Alaskan's can apply for their PFD starting today. AS 15.07.050 (a) AS 15.07.060 (e) AS 15.07.070 AS 43.23.015-17
1/8/2021 1st Prefile release of proposed Bills in Legislature
1/15/2021 2nd Prefile release of proposed Bills in Legislature
1/18/2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday AS 44.12.010
1/19/2021 Initiative petition filing deadline of 1:00pm, prior to the Legislature convening, to appear on the 2022 ballot. AS 15.45.150 AS 15.45.190
1/19/2021 First Day of the Second Legislative Session for the 31st Legislature. AS 24.05.090
2/15/2021 President's Day - Offices Closed AS 44.12.010
3/7/2021 Registration deadline for the Municipality of Anchorage Election. (MOA)
3/14/2021 Spring Forward to Daylight Savings Time Change - Lose 1 Hour.
3/29/2021 Seward's Day - Offices Closed AS 44.12.010
3/31/2021 Deadline for Alaskan's to apply for their PFD.
4/4/2021 Easter Sunday
4/6/2021 Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) regular election.
4/18/2021 90th Day of Session. Adjournment Day per Alaska Statutes. Alaska Constitution allows for 120 Day Legislative session. AS 24.05.150 Constitution Art. II, Sec. 8
5/18/2021 120th Legislative day if extended.
5/31/2021 Memorial Day - Offices Closed AS 44.12.010
7/5/2021 Independence Day Observed - Offices Closed AS 44.12.010
7/15/2021 Deadline for REAAs to notify Director of Elections of vacancies. (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.015
8/6/2021 Deadline for Candidates to file for 21REAA (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.035(b)
8/11/2021 Last day to receive complaints of the eligibility of candidates. (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.037
8/16/2021 Deadline for a REAA Declaration of Candidacy to be received by mail. (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.035(b) 6 AAC 27.120
8/18/2021 Withdrawal deadline for REAA candidates. (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.035(e)
8/25/2021 SRB tests REAA election programming
9/5/2021 Deadline for voters to register to vote or update their registration for REAA and for local municipalities that have an October 5th election. (21REAA) AS 15.07.010 AS 15.07.070 c-d
9/6/2021 Labor Day - Offices Closed AS 44.12.010
9/13/2021 Deadline to mail ballots to voters in by-mail sections and all by-mail ballots. AS 15.20.800(c)
9/20/2021 Deadline for Regions to appoint 4 members to A & Q Boards. (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.060(a)
9/20/2021 Deadline to appoint State Review Board Members. (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.070
9/20/2021 Absentee in-person and special needs voting begins for REAA. (21REAA) AS 15.20.045 AS 15.20.061 6 AAC 27.050(b)
9/22/2021 By-mail voters may request a replacement ballot by-fax if by-mail ballot not received. (21REAA)
9/25/2021 Deadline to receive absentee by-mail applications for REAA. (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.050(a)
9/28/2021 Absentee Review Boards begin review of absentee ballot envelopes. (21REAA) AS 15.20.201(a)
9/30/2021 Deadline for write-in candidate to submit a letter of intent. (21REAA) AS 15.25.105(c) 6 AAC 27.036
10/4/2021 Post Zero Results report to web. (21REAA)
10/5/2021 REAA ELECTION DAY. Polls open 8am to 8pm. (21REAA) AS 14.08.071(b) 6 AAC 27.010
10/5/2021 Deadline for by-mail ballots to be postmarked. (21REAA)
10/7/2021 Questioned Review Boards begin their review. (21REAA) AS 15.20.205(a)
10/11/2021 Federal Holiday - Indigenous Peoples Day
10/15/2021 Deadline to receive by-mail ballots mailed from within the U.S or from Overseas. (21REAA) AS 15.20.081(e)
10/15/2021 Final regional count of Absentee and Questioned ballots. (21REAA) 6AAC 27.060(b) - (d)
10/20/2021 State Review Board begins review of election materials. (21REAA) 6 AAC 27.070
10/22/2021 Target date to certify the REAA Election. (21REAA)
10/27/2021 Deadline to receive an application for recount within 5days after certification of the election if certified on target date. (21REAA) AS 15.20.430
11/1/2021 Deadline for an election contest to be filed in superior court. (21REAA) AS 15.20.540 AS 15.20.550
11/7/2021 Fall Back to Standard Time - Gain 1 Hour
11/11/2021 Veteran's Day - Offices Closed AS 44.12.010
11/25/2021 Thanksgiving Day - Offices Closed AS 44.12.010
12/24/2021 Christmas Day (Observed)
12/31/2021 New Year's Eve.