Cities and Boroughs

City and Borough Elections

  • City and borough clerks are responsible to administer local city and borough elections following procedures set out in their municipal ordinances and Alaska Statutes Title 29, Chapter 26.
  • You may find contact information for your local city or borough using the DCRA Community Index.
  • If you have an issue with a city or borough election, you should first contact your local city or borough clerk to discuss the issue. Otherwise, you may contact a DCRA Local Government Specialist for assistance.

Division of Elections Responsiblities

  • The Division of Elections does not have any oversight of city or borough elections.
  • The division maintains voter registration for Alaska, provides the list of registered voters within the city and borough boundaries to the clerk’s office, and processes voter history and registrations generated from the election.
  • The division also maintains all precinct boundaries and street assignments, polling place locations assigned to a precinct and most of the voting equipment such as voting booths, ballot boxes and the optical scan voting units which many jurisdictions use as their vote tabulation system.