Candidate Eligibility Complaint

Legal References

  • In accordance with Alaska Statute 15.25.042 and Title 6 Alaska Administrative Code 25.260, a person may question the eligibility of a candidate who has filed a Declaration of Candidacy or Nominating Petition with the Division of Elections for any statewide or district-wide office by filing a complaint with the Director of Elections.


  • The complaint must include a statement in 200 words or less of the grounds for why the candidate's eligibility is being questioned.
  • It must be in writing and include the name, mailing address, contact number and signature of the person making the complaint.
  • It must be filed no later than the 10th day after the filing deadline.
  • Nothing on this page should be considered a substitute for reviewing the referenced statute and regulation on how to file a complaint.
  • For additional assistance, contact the Division of Elections.