Early and In-Person Absentee Voting

Dates, Times and Locations

  • Alaska is a no excuse absentee voting state. Anyone may vote using the early and in-person absentee voting options.

  • Most voting in-person locations open beginning 15 days prior to each Election Day and remain open through Election Day.

  • Times, dates and district ballot available may vary depending on the location and/or community.

  • For locations, dates and hours, visit our Early and In-Person Voting Locations webpage.

Ballot Information

  • Some early and in-person absentee voting locations will have all district ballots available, some locations will have a single district ballot for that community and some locations may have multiple district ballots available.

  • Early and in-person absentee ballots are counted beginning election night and up to 15 days after Election Day. Dates and times when ballots are counted will be determined prior to each election.

What is Early Voting?

  • Early voting is similar to when you go vote at your polling place on Election Day. At the time you vote your eligibility to vote in that election is verified by the absentee voting official. The official will look up your name in the voter registration database and will verify that your registration is active and current.

  • If your registration is active and current, the official will print off a voter certificate with your information that you will sign. You will then be given a ballot to vote that is dropped into a ballot box after voting.

  • Early voting is only available at certain absentee voting locations that the division can establish a secure connection with the voter registration database system. Early voting is available in Juneau, Anchorage, Wasilla, Fairbanks and Nome at designated locations.

  • You may vote an early vote ballot during primary, general and statewide special elections.

What is Absentee In Person Voting?

  • Absentee in person voting is available at all voting locations. When voting absentee in-person, your eligibility to vote in the election is verified after voting. You will be asked to complete an outer envelope with your information and after voting your ballot will be placed in a secrecy sleeve and then sealed and secured inside the envelope. Your voted ballot will be returned to your regional elections office and your eligibility to vote in the election is verified by a bi-partisan review board. Your information provided on the outside of the envelope will be used to update your registration information (if applicable) or register you to vote.

  • Absentee in-person voting is available at all absentee voting locations for all state conducted elections.