Permanent Fund Dividend Automatic Voter Registration - ARCHIVED

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What is PFD AVR?

  • In 2016, Alaska voters approved Ballot Measure 1 (15PFVR). This law automatically registers eligible applicants to vote or updates voter registration information of voters who are currently registered to vote using the information provided when applying for a Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) unless the applicant opts-out.
  • After the March 31 PFD application deadline, the Division of Elections will send a notice to all applicants who will either become a newly registered voter or who will have their Alaska residence address updated from the information provided on their PFD application. To opt-out, applicants must respond to the notice within 30 days. Once the 30-day deadline passes, new applicants will be registered to vote and applicants with a change to their Alaska residence address will be updated. New voter cards will be mailed to newly registered voters and to voters with a change to their Alaska residence address. In addition, the voting records for applicants with a name change or mailing address change will be updated.

Did you miss the 30-day opt-out period?

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