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I Voted Stickers – Significant. Powerful. Encouraging.

The State of Alaska Division of Elections (DOE) unveiled the 2020 “I Voted” stickers and the powerful significance behind the artwork. Created by beloved Alaskan artist, Barbara Lavallee, the stickers feature her stylized depiction of the diversity, strength, and power of Alaskan women.

After the 2018 sticker project, the DOE wanted to find another theme to showcase Alaska. Thinking about the struggle women endured for the right to vote and the continued fight for many women in Alaska, Director, Gail Fenumiai, wanted to recognize that plight by celebrating the courage of those women and the women of today. The theme carries over into the Official Election Pamphlets that all voters received in the mail.

When considering the empowerment of women this project seeks to showcase and inspire, one name came to mind. “I’ve always loved the artwork of Barbara Lavallee. So, we reached out to Ms. Lavallee and never in my wildest dreams did I think she would say yes but she did! The division is proud of the stickers and hope that the voters of Alaska enjoy them,” said Fenumiai. The stickers will be available in English, Spanish, Koyukon, Gwich’in, Aleut, Tagalog, Alutiiq, Northern Inupiaq, Nunivak Cup’ig, and Yup'ik. For those who vote from home, digital stickers will be available on our website for download so all voters can show them off and let everyone know they exercised their right to vote.

Of the stickers, Ms. Lavallee said, “I LOVED working on this project! What a treat for me to represent Alaska and the 100th year of Women’s Right to Vote! I chose to do a series of images to show the people of different areas of the state as well as urban voters. Be sure to go to the polls, vote and get your sticker!”

We encourage strong Alaskan women of today and all the people who support them to continue paving a way to justice and equality for all generations to come. And in 2020, the best way to do that is to vote.