REAA and CRSA ELECTION - October 3, 2006
Official Election Results

REAA 8, Seat D Recount Results

State law states that, if after a recount the results are tied, the winner will be determined by lot (AS 15.20.530). The Division of Elections held a coin toss at the Division of Elections Absentee office in Anchorage on Friday, October 27 at noon. The winner of the coin toss was Katherine Dunton. Ms. Dunton passed away on Election Day, and therefore, her vacancy will be filled by the regional school board as allowed under AS 14.08.045.

Statewide Summary

The below report shows a statewide summary of all races appearing on the ballot.

Statement of Votes Cast

The below PDF reports show the results of all races appearing on the ballot by REAA or CRSA. Click on a REAA or CRSA district below to view the results for each precinct within the REAA or CRSA and the absentee and questioned results for the REAA or CRSA.

Aleutians West - CRSA 6
Bristol Bay - CRSA 4
Yukon-Kuskokwim - CRSA 3
Alaska Gateway - REAA 16
Aleutian Region - REAA 8
Annette Island - REAA 20
Bering Strait - REAA 2
Chatham - REAA 18
Chugach - REAA 21
Copper River - REAA 17
Delta/Greely - REAA 15
Iditarod Area - REAA 11
Kashunamiut - REAA 22
Kuspuk - REAA 5
Lower Kuskokwim - REAA 4
Lower Yukon - REAA 3
Pribilof - REAA 9
Southeast Islands - REAA 19
Southwest Region - REAA 6
Yukon Flats - REAA 13
Yukon-Koyukuk - REAA 12
Yupiit - REAA 23