click for enlargementRegion I - Southeast Alaska, Kodiak Island, Kenai Peninsula

click for enlargementRegion II - Municipality of Anchorage and the Matanuska-
Susitna Borough

click for enlargementRegion III - Fairbanks and Greater Fairbanks Area, Central and Western Interior Alaska, Prince William Sound

click for enlargementRegion IV - Northern Alaska, Western Coastal Alaska, Aleutians

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The Official Election Pamphlet is prepared, published, and mailed to Alaskan voters before each state general election per AS 15.58.010.

Each printed 2000 Official Election Pamphlet contains paid statements and photographs submitted by political candidates for national, statewide, Alaska state senate and house district races and judicial retention. The Alaska Judicial Council provides judicial evaluations and information on Alaska's judicial evaluation and retention system. Each printed pamphlet also contains ballot measure information, absentee voting information, absentee voting locations, election district maps, sample ballots, information on voter rights and assistance while voting, answers to frequently asked questions, the Alaska permanent fund annual income statement and balance sheet for the two fiscal years preceding the publication of the pamphlet, and paid statements from Alaska's recognized political parties, if received.

Introductory letter by Lieutenant Governor Fran Ulmer

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