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State of Alaska
Division of Elections
1998 Official Election Pamphlet

October 1998

Dear Alaskan Voter:

The theme of this year's Official Election Pamphlet speaks to Alaska's unique nature: the nature of our culture, our scenery, the wildlife and lifestyles that tell us what and who we are. Mythic totems in the Southeast Panhandle, sea life along our northern shores, farmers creating a new life in a golden valley, moose roaming the heartland interior--these are covers we have chosen this year to represent our four regions through art. Art within the publication, also produced in color, again speaks to the overall theme.

This year's Official Election Pamphlet is especially voter friendly. We hope you'll take time to read the introductory pages that tell you how to vote if you have disabilities or are concerned about getting to the polls. We also explain how easy it is to vote absentee if you choose to cast your ballot that way. We have, in addition, discussed our new optical scanning voting system. If you tried Accu-Vote during the August primary election, you'll agree that it was a wise investment of resources and time by the state and by our division to make the voting process more accessible and convenient. We've appreciated the positive response you've sent us since that time.

We appreciate your interest in this year's official guide to the November election. The ballot is full. You have an opportunity to vote for your U.S. senator and representative, for governor and lieutenant governor, and for persons to represent you in the state legislature. You will also vote for justices and judges seeking retention on the bench, and more ballot measures--both constitutional amendments and petitions by initiative--than have ever appeared on a statewide ballot.

Alaska celebrates a 40th birthday this year. Those of you who were here when our constitution was written and immediately following, when the state government was established, understand the significant meaning of statehood. Younger people and newer residents who have read Alaska history also understand the bold mid-century undertaking of a diverse people who determined that this was the most wonderful place in the world to call home and committed to a quest to make it so.

Forty years ago Alaskans voted in record number to ratify the statehood referendum and to elect the state's first congressional delegation and governor. We must remember today the importance of every election. Now, as then, the future of our state depends on you. Please vote!


Sandra J. Stout
Director of Elections


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