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Ray Metcalfe, Republican Moderate

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10270 Arborvitae Drive
Anchorage, Alaska
PO Box 233809
Anchorage, AK 99423-3809

Raised in Montana, living a subsistence lifestyle, on the Crow Indian Reservation. Ran away from home at fifteen. Hitchhiked to Alaska, arriving with $53, June 5, 1969, at age eighteen. Alternated between Alaska's oilfields and college, studying business and history until opening Metcalfe Real Estate Company in 1976. Elected, as a Republican, to Alaska's legislature in 1978 and again in 1980. Became very familiar with the problems faced by rural Alaskans while serving on the legislative committee responsible for rural communities too small to organize their own government. Served on the House Committee, which proposed, drafted and passed the Permanent Fund Dividend program. Chaired the House Committee hearings on the legislation, which established Alaska's long term Permanent Fund investment strategy. In 1997, sued to prevent Governor Knowles from giving BP an oil lease, free of charge, even though the appraised auction value of the lease was over $100 million.


The Republican Moderates formed to create a new home for those Republicans wishing to end their association with the "right wing religious fanatics" now controlling Alaska's Republican Party.

To gain recognition as a new political party, we must run a gubernatorial candidate who secures 3% or more in the general election.

A vote for us is a vote to pull the political rug out from under Jerry Prevo, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

Even if we lose, we win! Gaining party recognition will enable us to run a full slate of candidates for House and Senate in the next election.

We don't need a majority to have impact. We only need enough seats to deny each of the other parties a majority.

The Republican Moderates will then select a few of the brightest minds from both sides of the isle to form a coalition absent radicals from the Left or the Right.

Republican Moderates favor an open tolerant government. We're best described as moderately conservative on fiscal issues and moderately liberal on social issues, with a twist of Libertarianism.

We support choice, equal rights without exclusion and a level playing field without tolerance for corruption and favoritism.

We'll support your right to live your life as you wish, limited only by your obligation to respect the rights and freedoms of others.

We favor a compassionate government, which responds to the needs of its citizens with a balanced provision of safety nets, while demanding personal responsibility from those who are able.

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