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Erica L. "Desa" Jacobsson, Green

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DATE OF BIRTH: November 9, 1947
PLACE OF BIRTH: Hooper Bay, Alaska
SPOUSE: Robert Willard, Jr.
CHILDREN: Teresa, Tracy, Donovan (deceased), Dennis, Nancy
236 Third Street, Apt. A
Juneau, Alaska 99801
OCCUPATION: Gardener, Housewife, Community Volunteer

45 years
1980-present, 1947-74

Anchorage Public Schools, Territorial Schools

Subsistence, tribal governments, gardening, art, domestic violence, sexual assault, child sexual assault

Shareholder: Cook Inlet Region, Inc.; Calista Corporation; Bethel Native Corporation; Maserliaq, Inc. Member, Alaska Native Sisterhood, Camp 2. Citations/Awards: Alaska Native Sisterhood, Camp 2, Mildred Sparks Award, 1997; Alaska Native Sisterhood, Grand Camp, 1996; Alaska State Legislative Citation, 1996; Volunteer of the Year, Shanti of Juneau, 1996; Governor's Women's Volunteer Achievement Award, 1996; Organizer/Fundraiser for Victims of the Oklahoma Bombing, 1995. Grandchildren: Eli, Christopher, Kara, Joshua, Israel. Ethnic background: Yupik/Gwitchin.


We live and make a living in Alaska, and Alaskans should be the decision makers; we need to work together on issues that face us, such as management of lands, waters and resources; Subsistence is the mainstay of the cultures, and is no threat to other user groups; I will work towards an "Alaska First" policy in employment and Alaska-based businesses in all development; We can have full employment and then address the education and health needs in the ever changing world; Alaskans First Alaskans Together. Who on God's Earth says we can't do it?

That Native child can learn and master these new economic ways, including the English language; practice the religion of his or her own choosing; and still be the master of his or her own culture. There is no need for 97ENGL;

Any development should be on a sound environmental basis, and the local residents who have knowledge of the area and ecosystem provide their consent;

Water and sewer, disposal system be installed in each community; put that honey bucket in the museum;

Approximately 75,000 non-residents come to Alaska and are employed; while 19,000-30,000 are unemployed. Yes, we can have full employment; a job at the end of the training period;

An educational system that meets the needs of our greatest resource -- our children.

I humbly ask for your vote. If you believe "Alaskans First," Let's do it together.

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