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State of Alaska
Division of Elections
1998 Official Election Pamphlet
Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who can vote?
A - U.S. citizens, 18 years or older, who are registered to vote in Alaska at least 30 days before an election. (This means you must be registered to vote in Alaska on or before October 4 in order to vote on November 3.)

Q - How do I register to vote?
A - You may register to vote in Alaska by completing a voter registration application and presenting it in person to the Division of Elections, a voter registrar in your community, a city or borough clerk, or a voter registration agency (e.g., DMV, recruitment offices of the armed forces). You can also mail your voter registration application to a Division of Elections' office.

Q - May I register to vote before I am 18?
A - You may register 90 days before you turn 18, but you must be 18 on or before November 3 in order to vote.

Q - How do I become an Alaska resident?
A - You ARE a resident for voting purposes if you are in Alaska with the intent to remain in the state and are not registered to vote in another state.

Q - I have just become a U.S. citizen. May I vote in the November 3 General Election?
A - If you became a U.S. citizen on or before October 4, you may vote in the General Election if you registered to vote on or before October 4.

Q - If I were arrested or convicted of a crime may I still vote?
A - You may vote as long as you are not in prison or on probation for a felony conviction.

Q - I have moved within the state since I last voted. How do I update my voter registration record?
A - You may change your registration record on the same form used for an original registration.

Q - Where do I vote?
A - Go to your polling place. Click on Polling Places for polling place and absentee voting locations. To find your polling place you need your House district and precinct numbers. These numbers are printed on your voter registration card.

Q - What do I do if my polling place is not open?
A - In the rare instance this might happen, call your regional election office for information.

Q - If I don't know what to do when I get to my polling place, is there someone there to help me?
A - Yes, the election-board workers at the polling place will help you.

Q - Do I need identification when I go to vote? If so, what type?
A - Yes. Bring your signed voter ID card or any other signed ID that will allow an election worker to verify your signature. Examples are: driver's license, military ID, fishing and hunting license, passport. A picture ID is not necessary.

Q - May I take my sample ballot or my own written list into the voting booth?
A - Yes. Deciding how you will vote before you get to the polls will help you vote an informed ballot.

Q - Can a worker at the polling place ask me to take any tests?
A - No.

Q - Is there any way to vote instead of going to the polling place on Election Day?
A - Yes. Click on Absentee Voting for information on all types of absentee voting.


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