1996 Alaska Official Election Pamphlet

Mask Photographs courtesy of Alaska State Museum
II-A-5398 and II-A-5413

Dear Alaskan Voter,

I am pleased to provide you with the 1996 election pamphlet, your official guide to the November election. The ballot will be very full this year. You will have an opportunity to cast your vote for the president and vice president of the United States, for your U.S. senator and representative, and for the persons you wish to represent you in the State Senate and House of Representatives. In addition, you will find numerous justices and judges seeking retention on the bench, as well as four important ballot measures.

As Lieutenant Governor, and as a mother, I'd like to recommend that you make voting a "family affair" at your house. If you have children, encourage them to learn about the candidates. Discuss the issues with them. They're never too young to learn that voting is both a privilege and a responsibility.

As you read through this pamphlet, take time to notice the photographs depicting Native Alaskan culture. It is appropriate that, as we make our decisions about where the future will lead us, we remember where we've been. Native Alaskans are the proud and resilient foundation of Alaska, bringing a wealth of traditions and values to enrich our lives.


Fran Ulmer
Lieutenant Governor

The Official Election Pamphlet is prepared and distributed to each voter household during a State General Election, by the Division of Elections. The 1996 OEP was designed and edited by Jennifer Lloyd, Project Coordinator and Paula Smedley, Administrative Assistant, State of Alaska, Division of Elections.


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