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Regional Educational Attendance Area (REAA) Candidates

REAA Candidates

To file for a vacant REAA seat, a candidate must be registered and reside within the boundaries of the section of the REAA assigned to that seat. A candidate for a REAA election must file a Declaration of Candidacy no later than the first Friday in August in order to appear on the REAA ballot.

Candidates who wish to file as a write-in candidate must follow the procedures outlined in
6 AAC 27.036.

Each term of office is for three years. If a board member resigns before their term is up, and the Division of Election is notified by July 15, that seat will be on the ballot of the election held that year. If a board member resigns after July 15, another person is appointed by the board to serve until the following regular election. The seat is listed on the next appropriate ballot and a candidate is then voted on to complete the term of office.

How do I file for office?

If you have questions regarding filing for office, you may call our toll free number at:

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