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August 24, 2010 Primary Official Candidate List

August 24, 2010 Primary Election Candidate List

The last day to file as a political party candidate for the August 24, 2010 Primary Election is on or before 5:00 p.m. June 1, 2010. The withdrawal deadline for a political party candidate to remove their name from the Primary Election ballot is July 7, 2010.

Please remember to "refresh" this screen using your browser's refresh function to update the information you are viewing as updates will occur as they are being received and processed.

You may locate a candidate by clicking on a letter below of the candidate’s last name or you may scroll through the entire list.

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Name Status Party Office
Austerman, Alan Incumbent Republican House Dist. 36
Beans, Vincent T. --- Democrat House Dist. 39
Beedle, Robert --- Democrat House Dist. 5
Benson, Diane E. --- Democrat Lt. Governor
Benson, Don --- Republican House Dist. 13
Benton, Robert L. Withdrew Republican House Dist. 24
Berkowitz, Ethan A. --- Democrat Governor
Brown, Harley --- Libertarian House Dist. 25
Brown, Jeffrey D. --- Libertarian Lt. Governor
Brown, John S. --- Democrat House Dist. 10
Buch, Robert L. "Bob" Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 27
Burke, Eddie Republican Lt. Governor
Campbell, Craig Withdrew Republican Lt. Governor
Chenault, Charles M. "Mike" Incumbent Republican House Dist. 34
Cissna, Sharon M. Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 22
Clift, Robert E. --- Libertarian House Dist. 21
Coghill, John B. Incumbent Republican Senate Dist. F
Cook, Bill --- Republican House Dist. 18
Costello, Mia --- Republican House Dist. 27
Cottle, Bert L. --- Democrat House Dist. 12
Cox, John R. --- Republican US Representative
Crawford, Harry T. Jr. --- Democrat US Representative
Cullinane, Ed --- Democrat Senate Dist. N
Dahlstrom, Nancy A. Withdrew Republican House Dist. 18
Dick, Alan S. --- Republican House Dist. 6
Dominguez, Jodie --- Democrat House Dist. 28
Doogan, Mike Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 25
Edgmon, Bryce Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 37
Egan, Dennis Incumbent Democrat Senate Dist. B
Ellis, Johnny Incumbent Democrat Senate Dist. L
Ewing, Mark A. Withdrew Republican Lt. Governor
Fairclough, Anna I. Incumbent Republican House Dist. 17
Feige, Eric A. --- Republican House Dist. 12
Fellman, Pete --- Republican House Dist. 12
Fisher, Sheldon --- Republican US Representative
Foster, Neal W. Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 39
French, Hollis S. --- Democrat Governor
Gara, Les Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 23
Gardner, Berta Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 24
Giessel, Catherine A. "Cathy" --- Republican Senate Dist. P
Goolsby, Rex L. Withdrew Republican House Dist. 6
Gruenberg, Max F. Jr. Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 20
Guttenberg, David Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 8
Haase, Don --- Republican House Dist. 12
Haase, Fredrick "David" --- Libertarian US Senate
Hawker, Mike Incumbent Republican House Dist. 32
Heikes, Gerald L. --- Republican Governor
Herron, Bob Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 38
Higgins, Pete --- Republican Senate Dist. D
Higgins, Thomas M. --- Republican House Dist. 25
Hlatcu, Merica --- Republican Governor
Hoffman, Lyman F. Incumbent Democrat Senate Dist. S
Holmes, Lindsey Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 26
Huggins, Charlie R. "Charlie" Incumbent Republican Senate Dist. H
Jacobson, Stephen --- Republican House Dist. 15
Johansen, Kyle B. Incumbent Republican House Dist. 1
Johnson, Craig W. Incumbent Republican House Dist. 28
Johnston, Jennifer B. --- Republican Senate Dist. P
Joule, Reggie Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 40
Kawasaki, Scott Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 9
Keller, Wes Incumbent Republican House Dist. 14
Kelly, Mike Incumbent Republican House Dist. 7
Kendall, Dan --- Republican House Dist. 18
Kern, Jacob Seth --- Democrat US Senate
Kerttula, Beth Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 3
Kohlhaas, Scott A. --- Libertarian House Dist. 20
LeDoux, Gabrielle --- Republican House Dist. 19
Lindeke, Martin J. --- Democrat House Dist. 18
Little, Sam --- Republican Governor
Lupo, Bob --- Republican Lt. Governor
Lynn, Bob Incumbent Republican House Dist. 31
Marroquin, Guadalupe "Lupe" --- Democrat House Dist. 31
McAdams, Scott T. --- Democrat US Senate
McGuire, Lesil Incumbent Republican Senate Dist. N
Michel, Joseph A. --- Republican House Dist. 9
Michels, Denise L. Withdrew Democrat Lt. Governor
Miller, Bob --- Democrat House Dist. 7
Miller, Joe --- Republican US Senate
Millett, Charisse E. Incumbent Republican House Dist. 30
Mobley, Ottar --- Democrat House Dist. 1
Moore, Matt --- Democrat House Dist. 32
Moreno-Hinz, Lynette --- Democrat Lt. Governor
Moronell, Mark W. --- Republican Senate Dist. P
Munoz, Cathy Incumbent Republican House Dist. 4
Murkowski, Lisa Incumbent Republican US Senate
Nelson, Bonnie --- Democrat House Dist. 16
Neuman, Mark Incumbent Republican House Dist. 15
Norton, Barbara E. --- Democrat House Dist. 21
Olson, Kurt E. Incumbent Republican House Dist. 33
Parks, David J. Withdrew Republican House Dist. 13
Parnell, Sean R. Incumbent Republican Governor
Petersen, Pete F. Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 19
Poe, Bob Withdrew Democrat Governor
Powers, J. J. "Jack" --- Democrat Lt. Governor
Pratt, Steve --- Republican House Dist. 31
Pruitt, Lance --- Republican House Dist. 21
Ramras, Jay --- Republican Lt. Governor
Rahoi, Urban E. --- Republican House Dist. 10
Rawalt, Christian M. Withdrew Republican House Dist. 32
Reddington, Jeannette O. --- Republican House Dist. 30
Reiser, Janet L. --- Democrat Senate Dist. P
Rice, Sean P. --- Democrat House Dist. 11
Saddler, Dan --- Republican House Dist. 18
Salmon, Woodie W. Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 6
Samuels, Ralph --- Republican Governor
Samuelson, Steven A. --- Republican House Dist. 2
Schroeder, Andy --- Democrat House Dist. 36
Seaton, Paul Incumbent Republican House Dist. 35
Slepecki, Ron --- Republican Senate Dist. J
Snowden, Brad Denied Republican Governor
Southwell, Ray G. --- Alaskan Independence House Dist. 34
Stein, Reber P. --- Democrat House Dist. 2
Stevens, Gary L. Incumbent Republican Senate Dist. R
Stiver, Vivian M. --- Republican House Dist. 10
Stoltze, Bill Incumbent Republican House Dist. 16
Talerico, David M. "Dave" --- Republican House Dist. 8
Thomas, Joe J. Incumbent Democrat Senate Dist. D
Thomas, William A. "Bill" Jr. Incumbent Republican House Dist. 5
Thompson, Steve M. --- Republican House Dist. 10
Toien, William S. "Billy" --- Libertarian Governor
Treadwell, Mead --- Republican Lt. Governor
Tuck, Chris Incumbent Democrat House Dist. 29
Vondersaar, Frank J --- Democrat US Senate
Waisanen, Richard "Dick" --- Democrat House Dist. 33
Walker, Bill --- Republican Governor
Wanda, Richard M. --- Republican Senate Dist. L
Warren, Kris --- Republican House Dist. 29
Wielechowski, Bill Incumbent Democrat Senate Dist. J
Wilson, Peggy Incumbent Republican House Dist. 2
Wilson, Tammie Incumbent Republican House Dist. 11
Wright, Donald R. --- Alaskan Independence Governor
Young, Don Incumbent Republican US Representative
Zaugg, Lynda L. --- Democrat House Dist. 30
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