REAA Recall Elections

Election Dates, Locations and Times

Election dates, voting locations and times will be announced for each recall election as they are scheduled.

REAA Recall Elections

Members of a regional school board are subject to recall in accordance with AS 29.26.240 – AS 29.26.360. The Director of Elections performs the functions of the municipal clerk and the Lieutenant Governor performs the functions of the assembly or council according to the law.

A REAA official who is elected or appointed to a school board may be recalled by the voters after the official has served the first 120 days of the term to which they were elected or appointed.

An application to recall a school board member must be filed with the Division of Elections. If the director determines an application for a recall petition meets the requirements of AS 29.26.260, the director will prepare a petition for circulation by the sponsors.

You may view and/or print an outline that summarizes the statutes and regulations on the requirements for a school board recall petition. This information should not be considered a substitute for reading the statutes and regulations in their entirety. For more information contact the Division of Elections.