Primary Ballot Measures Pamphlet

Ballot Measures Pamphlet

  • Since no ballot measures will be on the August 2, 2018 Primary Election, a ballot measures pamphlet will not be produced.

Pamphlet Information

  • The Ballot Measures Pamphlet (BMP) provides information about ballot measure(s) on the ballot to help Alaskan voters make informed choices. The BMP also has information about how to vote, voting locations, absentee voting information, general voting information and voter rights.

  • The BMP is mailed to every voter household no later than 22 days prior to Election Day

  • The BMP is available online in a PDF format no later than 22 days prior to Election Day in English, Spanish, Tagalog and targeted Alaska Native Languages.

  • The BMP is made available in audio format provided by the Talking Book Center no later than 22 days prior to Election Day. For additional audio assistance, the Talking Book Center can be contacted at (907) 465-1315 or toll-free at 888-820-4525 (within Alaska), by email or by visiting their website.

  • If a ballot measure is not on the ballot, a pamphlet will not be prepared or sent.

  • The pamphlet does not contain candidate profiles.

Prior Ballot Measures Pamphlets

Prior Language Ballot Measures Pamphlets

  • To view prior ballot measures pamphlets in Spanish, Tagalog or ballot information in select Alaska Native Languages, visit our Language Assistance Program page for available language information.