Permanent Fund Dividend Automatic Voter Registration

What is Permanent Fund Dividend Automatic Voter Registration (PFD AVR)?

In 2016, Alaskan voters approved Ballot Measure 1 (15PFVR), which will automatically register or update voter registration information of eligible individuals when they apply for a Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD).The Division of Elections is required to send a notice to eligible individuals who will either become a newly registered voter or will have their voter registration record updated from information provided on their PFD application with this automatic voter registration process.

If you applied for a PFD and did not opt out during the opt-out period your voter information was most likely updated from the information in your PFD application.If you did not intend this change, you must update your voter information before October 7, 2018 in order for it to be correct for the General Election. You can update your address by contacting your regional office or by going to the Division of Elections website and using the Online Voter Registration system.

For more information on PFD AVR, please check out our  FAQ and  PFD AVR Manual